The EOS blockchain and EOS in general are some of the hottest altcoin projects right now – presenting a unique system with a technology that looks very promising.

For those of you who don’t know, EOS is a blockchain technology very similar to Ethereum – and the brainchild of Dan Larrimer. You can code smart contracts on EOS, build dApps and do many other things – known for its speed, efficiency and scalability.

Last year, EOS released its mainnet. Ever since then, it has been a major topic of discussion. In today’s guide, we are going over some of the key benefits which make the EOS blockchain rock-solid.

Free Transactions On EOS Blockchain + Great Governance

The first thing that we like to point out about EOS are the free transactions. In times when most blockchain solutions require fees associated with their transactions, EOS runs operations without any costs.

Plus, the technology uses a voting system on a governance structure model. This ensures that the rules can only be modified via a voting system. This is an excellent feature for a blockchain of this scale.

Ease Of Use For Developers

Next up in the list of benefits of EOS is the ease of use for developers. Basically, developing dApps on EOS is extremely easy. Every developer can use its web toolkit, database schemes and other functions. All of this makes it easy to develop dApps.

What’s also impressive about EOS are the easy hard forks – which are done with fewer risks. If a conflict of interest occurs, it will stay frozen until the issue is resolved – without affecting (or freezing) the platform.

Self-Sustaining And ICO-Friendly

ICOs play an important role in the success of a blockchain platform – especially one in the likes of EOS or Ethereum. On EOS, there is no need to write smart contracts, which makes the technology more developer friendly.

To sum everything up, EOS is also self-sustaining and sufficient. In other words, this means that it will continuously reward block producers for their work.

All in all, the EOS blockchain has a lot of benefits. Even though there are some disadvantages too (such as the fact that it is not entirely decentralized), it is a smooth blockchain and a great platform.

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