In early 2018, Jubiter exchange opened the doors to its platform. It later on established itself as one of the best crypto-to-crypto exchanges and places to buy Bitcoin.

The mission that the exchange has right now is to use the development skills and resourcefulness, which have been earned over the years – and apply them in real-world situations where it can improve the convenience and usability of present asset exchanges.

Basically, Jubiter exchange is a place that is dedicated to ensuring that cryptocurrency becomes more accessible to the masses. If you are interested to learn more about its features, keep on reading.

The Main Features Of Jubiter Exchange

Jubiter runs a crypto to crypto exchange as well as a safe offline and online wallet – plus a Bitcoin withdrawal debit card which ensures that goods and services are bought fast and effortless with BTC as the most dominant cryptocurrency.

In this way, the crypto exchange is committed to making a significant input in the ongoing blockchain reformation. When it comes to the actual good features, we’d like to list the following:

  • Customer support: The customer support that Jubiter exchange has is impressive. You can reach them by as well as if you have business inquiries. There are numbers too, including  +1 855 979-6669 (United States), +44 8000 488-449 (United Kingdom) and +372 880 41-79 (Estonia).
  • Working Hours: The Jubiter exchange and lines are available Monday-Saturday between 8am and midnight.
  • Social Accounts: The exchange is active on social media, mostly on Facebook. Once you are there, you can get updates on latest news.
  • Security: Keeping the funds and information of customers is what Jubiter exchange excels at. A security technology system with a login guard, 2FA and cold storage is in place.
  • Licenses: There is a website that is maintained by a top technology, overseen by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia and certified to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

Final Words

Even though there are some disadvantages too such as the fact that Jubiter exchange stores 97% of the coins off the network, the security is multi-layered – meant to ensure that every user can rest assured of having their coins stored safely.

However, hackers are everywhere. Even though there are many “secure” cryptocurrency exchange markets, exchanges like this one need to mature and implement new technologies. 

What we can say for sure is that the Jubiter exchange is not a scam and is a place where users can easily purchase, sell, store or exchange their cryptocurrencies within the platform.

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