Jubiter is an Estonian-based crypto exchange and the country is the only one in the Baltic that has its own cryptocurrency exchange. The website of the platform contains a wide explanation of the features of the platform which is great for the beginners and the newcomers.

The well-explained website information is very comforting since many of the scam websites and exchanges have little to no information that can be traced back to its owners. Jubiter is run by Jubiter Technologies which is a company regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia and it is also licensed to provide services of exchanging virtual currencies against Fiat currencies as well as crypto wallet services. There is also more information on the registered address of the company and the operation address on their website. The exchange is not only an exchange. It has launched a crypto debit card.

This platform is not for those traders who want to trade smaller coins or any other coin that has a small market cap. The only cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell here are Litecoin and Bitcoin so if you seek the smaller cryptocurrencies, you will have to wait. One of the strongest features of the platform is the support function. For 12 hours every day and 4 hours on Sunday, the phone support of the platform is available for the Jubiter-users.

The US-investors are welcomed on the platform and anyone from the United States who is interested in trading here should form their own opinion before investing. The citizens or residents from countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Bahrein, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Indonesia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Oman, Turkey and many more cannot trade on the platform. Make sure that you understand and determine which trading view suits you the best. At this exchange, there is only one purchase interface and you can also check your crypto order history. This makes it super understandable for the new crypto investors but at the same time, it might lack some of the features that the more experienced traders are looking for.


The trading fees are not clearly explained on the website and this can be a little troubling. According to the information we managed to find, the trading fees reach ten percent. Jubiter operates a bit differently from other exchanges since it doesn’t offer crypto-to-crypto trading.