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    Technology changes the way we work, live our lives, and have fun. Technology can encourage businesses with improvements in productivity, faster development and production series, superior decision making by employees, and enhanced customer service. But deriving these advantages of incorporating new technology is not always a smooth process. Technology is often, at first, bothersome before it becomes empowering.

    Although the ideas developed in this article may have general applicability, they are mainly designed to relate to the incorporation of new information and communications technologies into business processes. Information technologies involve 3d printed teeth computers and their peripheral equipment as well as the data flow across geographic area networks. Communications involve any voice and video activity including the telephone system and related equipment as well as the communications trails creating the wide area networks.

    Technology Changes Business Processes

    Every action conducted within a business is part of one process or another. Sometimes the processes are often defined and readily seen, as with the trail of a purchase order. At other times, the process is not so clear however it still exists even if automatically.

    New technologies are introduced into business to:

    Other than simply accelerating existing processes, new technologies will be bothersome when first introduced. This results from having to change patterns of behavior and/or relationships with others. When trouble occurs, productivity often suffers at first, until such time as the new processes become as familiar as the old ones. At this point, hopefully, the goal has been achieved of reaching a higher level of productivity than the level at which it started before the introduction of the new technology.

    Technology can be democratizing. If it is used to create and disseminate information useful to the mission and goals of the business, it’s really a great equalizer between “levels” of management and staff. The key word is “disseminate. inch If access to the information is decentralized, and easy communication of the information is allowed, then “front line” workers can increase the quantity and quality of decisions they make and never having to involve layers of management.

    Types of People from a Technology Perspective

    Innovators/embracers will investigate new technologies on their own. They will sometimes be useful to introducing new technologies that would otherwise don’t you have been known to the company. They will sometimes be a “thorn” in pushing for new technologies they think will be useful (or just “neat” to have) but do not fit you’re able to send agenda or objectives. These people will embrace new technologies when introduced by others, can be the first ones to completely incorporate and make use of it, and might help others to completely utilize new technologies.
    Enthusiasts need new technology enthusiastically. They will not usually seek it out but will be eager to incorporate it into their processes where appropriate. As a result of their openness, they will often readily learn how to use the new technology and may also be useful in assisting others through the learning process.

    Acceptors need new technology because it is required. They do not seek it out. In fact, they will often stay away from it at first until they are forced to simply accept it. Once they understand the new technology is here to stay, they will willingly learn how to benefit from it or, at least, live with it.

    Naysayers constantly oppose new technologies and often are very music about their opposition. They often times gripe about any changes and will often never change if they need not or they quit before they are made to change “the way they do things. inch

    The productivity versus. time blackberry curve will appear different for each of these types of people. Think of how each person in your own organization fits into these four types. Think of how that impacts deriving the full benefits you’ve carefully targeted. Think of how that impacts your capacity to discover additional benefits once the technologies are implemented. Understanding the differences can help lessen the rough spots during and after the execution process.

    Lessen the Trouble; Increase the Empowerment

    Understanding the context in which processes exist, the democratizing potential of technology, and the types of people will help you achieve the goals stated above for a more rapid compensation from a smoother introduction of new technologies.

    In addition, make the new technologies transparent to the user or, at least, make them as intuitive to operate as possible. Additional time in pre-planning the introduction of new technologies and training employees in the use of the technologies can provide a return many times greater than the hours spent in planning and training. You can achieve faster increases in productivity, reduced affect customers, and lower trouble on support staff.



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