Coinigy became a very popular crypto trading platform which was founded by two IT professionals Robert Borden and William Kehl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2014. They believed that the crypto trading platform than are not quality automated and had very poor chart features and heavy interfaces. However, their exchange did not get popular because it was easy to use as well.

At first, Borden and Kehl used the invention for their own purposes but they both later agreed to offer trading services to users who are interested in buying their technology against other platforms and their offered exchange. This was supposed to enable advanced traders to observe the differences between their and other crypto exchanges. Coinigy lacks the ability to connect you to more than 40 crypto exchanges in data, orders, and charts as their promise. The platform is relatively hard to use mainly for beginner traders and the trading process is also not so simple thanks to this platform.

The platform didn’t receive so many positive ratings over the years because people noticed many glitches on the platform. Beginner traders can hardly use this exchange compared to other easier ones since the interface has many different backgrounds and lots of information on coins and rates. There are two options to choose from when making an account with this broker. There is a 30-day free trial, a subscription account for $18.66 per month and there is the API developer PRO which is $99.99 per month.

If you want to use this platform there is no personal information required for verification of accounts but most of the exchanges support request for identity verification. Coinigy offers an option for everyone that wants to stay anonymous and make up for a higher reward for their financial privacy.


You also have to share your API keys but it is very risky since the accounts can be stolen via the API access in case there is a security breach. As for the fees, it is possible to pay a monthly fee in just one trade so the beginner traders will have to think twice after their 30 day trial.