CryptoEU is one of the leading offshore cryptocurrency brokers that launched in September 2017. As such, this broker is relatively new and owned by Columbia Capital Group LTD. Even though it’s new, CryptoEU is considered to be among the best brokers that provide a long list of tradable cryptocurrencies assets which are rare and available to every trader on the platform.

With CryptoEU, you can enjoy the safety and security of a regulated environment – and the team with 25+ years of brokerage experience will help you make most of daily cryptocurrency trading. Only on CryptoEU, you can take advantage of nearly 85% of the existing cryptocurrencies in a world which means unlimited opportunities and endless potential earnings.

CryptoEU is an international trading broker and considered as one of the very few ones that provide a whole list of tradable crypto assets which is very uncommon. With this crypto broker, the safety is guaranteed and since there is a high level of security and regulated environment. The team consists of experienced brokers with more than 25 years in the game. Over the past 3 years, more than 1,200 cryptocurrencies were launched on the platform for daily trading and investment but only a few brokers allow their customers to purchase and take advantage of most of them. CryptoEU offers its clients to take advantage of nearly 85% of the existing cryptocurrencies in the world which means unlimited and endless potential earnings.

The trading system of CryptoEU is a very unique and simple system which takes security on another level. Every trader’s detail is not held by a third-party like most cases. The platform has a mobile trading system which means that with smartphones today you can trade on the go. Traders can use CryptoEU and trade 24 hours a day anywhere in the world with their own trading application. The account setup is easy and it doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience.