Poloniex is among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that has been in the industry for several years offering all the features that traders search for. It is also one of the few exchanges that are based in the United States and are offering advanced trading features with maximum security.

It all started for Poloniex in 2014 when a team of people based in Wilmington, Delaware (US) built the infrastructure for a crypto exchange. Recently, Poloniex was acquired by Circle which is a large Goldman Sachs backed company. The new owners meant great news for Poloniex and its users and the new management now aims to make it the first regulated exchange by registering it with the SEC and FINRA as an official broker and dealer. Poloniex is also preparing to launch in the Asian market soon.



Poloniex offers you many features that as a trader you will appreciate. Here you will find a range of efficient data analysis tools and instruments along with the detailed charts that help you get the information and knowledge you need before you make a decision. The high-volume nature of the exchange is also very appealing for traders, especially the lending and margin trading abilities.

Most of the users choose Poloniex because of the high number of trading pairs. The exchange offers more than 90 trading pairs which makes it highly likely to trade the cryptocurrencies you prefer. First, you have to make deposits in cryptocurrency in order to use that trading option.

Trading is very simple. Make sure when you begin to deposit enough funds in your account. Some of the coins require a minimum deposit that is easily checked before trading. Once you feel ready to trade, just select the right tab on the markets. Poloniex is also a leader in margin trading. This feature is really fast and offers an efficient way to use the peer-to-peer functionality for borrowing funds before you start margin trading. You can also use the platform to secure the trading funds.