Also known as Global Digital Asset Exchange, GDAX is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – run by the same company that owns Coinbase which is the most popular crypto exchange in the world. In a way, GDAX is a child of Coinbase. While both of the exchanges are direct rivals providing the same functionalities, for many investors GDAX is the go-to form of crypto trading.


Global Digital Asset Exchange or commonly known as GDAX is one of the most popular places for trading cryptocurrencies. The company provides amazing functionality and many advanced investors choose the platform as their main tool for crypto trading.

The GDAX platform is perfect for users with an intermediate understanding of crypto trading but it’s suited for novice traders because of the simple and intuitive interface.

The broker offers a variety of digital currency pairs including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin as well as fiat currencies such as the EUR or USD.

GDAX and its intuitive interface will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need on how the exchange operates. It also offers its users charts and tools to see the trade history. Some of the best features that the platform offers include real-time market data which will allow you to see up-to-date crypto prices.

What is also amazing about the platform is that it offers flexible API for secure trading bots. This is very important for a platform since many institutional and professional investors choose the platform. There are regular IT security checks and financial audits as well. The storage is secure since 98% of the users’ funds are off the internet in cold storage.

One of the most amazing features of the platform is the Limit buys which allow the users to put a price limit. This means that if you expect the price of a certain cryptocurrency to drop overnight, users can set a limit buy for a lower price.