Trezor wallet is another popular hardware wallet that lets you store and transfer cryptocurrencies in a unique way. It is designed to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers and malware. Inspired by the Czech word ‘trezor’ which translates to ‘vault’, it is relatively easy to use and gives safety and security.



TREZOR is a hardware wallet launched in 2014 and it was the first original Bitcoin hardware wallet. It offers a high level of security and cold storage.

This is an exceptionally small device that can connect to your computer with a USB cable. It stores cryptocurrencies’ private keys offline so it is safely used on a computer that could possible by infected with malware. TREZOR costs $99 and you can buy it directly from their own website with a credit card or you can buy it from Amazon.

You can control this wallet by controlling the private keys and the wallet is easily backed up with the 24 words generated while setting it up. This 24-word seed is generated by RNG from the device and it is generated offline and will eventually show up on the wallet’s screen. In order to set it up, the wallet will require a PIN code and the code will also be required for spending. You can also add one word extra in order to boost security. Make sure to remember the passphrase because the seed without it is not enough to recover it. You can recover the wallet if it’s lost and damaged.

The company behind the crypto hardware Trezor wallet and SatoshiLabs, partnered with another manufacturer and designer company GRAY to work together and deliver what will probably be the most expensive hardware wallet named Corazon. The prices for the luxury wallet can be found on the producer’s website.