One of the biggest struggles in the world of cryptocurrencies is not the price of Bitcoin or the possibility of transferring – or even earning – money with cryptocurrency trading. For many, there is another big problem, and it is all related to converting the actual cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

For example, if you have a lot of Bitcoins, it takes some time to convert all of them into fiat currency and there is often a large fee. However, thanks to a new Singapore-based company named Paycent, buyers and sellers will find it easier to use their digital currency.

The idea is simple – an integrated debit card which gives customers the capability to instantly unlock their funds. The overall goal of the company is to make mobile and cashless payments possible and accepted anywhere. Obviously, this will be done all via blockchain as the underlying technology that enables this advancement – and the team has worked hard to bridge this gap between fiat and digital currencies.

With no yearly maintenance fees (if it is active and in use), this debit card is the answer to the prayers of many people. There is also no need to hold a PYN token to get it – and as a user, you will pay only a one-time fee for card activation and delivery with any digital currency.

The official pre-registration for this debit card has started on January 15th and there are only 20,000 cards that are about to be delivered in the first batch. One of the best selling points here is the low fee of 1.5% only, paid in PYN tokens, which is certainly much superior to the current transaction fee on most digital currencies.

With better transparency and offering you a chance to make more money, this is something that everyone needs and a debit card that perfectly aligns with the needs of the users – to be part of a new financial system that won’t be dependent upon any single authority.