If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you buy and sell your assets, let us introduce you to Cryptopia. This is a peer to peer exchange which means that all trades are done directly with the other users. In order to make it stand out, Cryptopia has a marketplace that lets you buy, sell or trade anything with cryptocurrencies.

All of this makes the New Zealand-registered exchange one of the most popular exchanges nowadays. Based in Christchurch and registered in 2014 with two directors, Cryptopia is a software development service which does not claim anything related to being a financial service.

Cryptopia currently ranks in the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges based on the trading volume. Even though it is not as popular as Coinbase or Bitfinex, it still offers an extensive cryptocurrency support and is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to trade with a less common cryptocurrency.

The marketplace, on the other hand, is one of the most innovative features. Similar to any other classified website used for buying, selling and trading – it is the first one where users conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptopia also has an arbitrage service which provides information in the form of what various cryptocurrencies are listed on the popular exchanges. There is up-to-date information on more than 500 coins traded on the website – and there is Paytopia which is a set of services and products offered directly by Cryptopia.



The exchange became really popular among the new traders that joined the crypto market because of its simplicity and intiuitive user-interface. Make sure that you check it out and contact the support team that was named the best among multiple exchanges taking part in an online survey.