Evolve or Evolve.markets is another popular Forex and crypto broker that offers two main account types: Classic and Pro. While the Classic account has the commission built in the spread, the Pro has a lighter spread but it charges certain commission. Both of the accounts are Bitcoin denominated and offer leverate that is up to 1:500 and an opportunity to trade micro lots on the platform.

The best way to open an account with this broker is simple – you need to provide a valid email address in order to register as well as a confirmed Bitcoin transaction in order to enable trading. One of the main reasons why people choose Evolve.markets is because it accepts bitcoin and US clients, even though their BTC/USD prices tend to be higher than the ones on the market.

A great thing about this broker is that it makes trading simple, all thanks to the blue interface that brings out the very best of the features when it comes to online trading. Basically, the cross platform solutions for online traders are equipped with handy features and the platform gives a flexible and interactive trading environment.

Another important thing to note is the two-factor authentication which makes it easier to trade crypto online. You can use this from the MetaTrader 4 PAssword or Google Authenticator with no identity verification required – making the entire process completely anonymous.