As we always share in our reviews, every trader needs to do a background check before they engage themselves in things like trading. The CrystalTradeX broker is one of the platforms that have been making waves in the crypto industry because of the variety of traders interested in it. However, the reality is different and proves that this broker is far from a legit one.

The Sad Story Of One User Trading On CrystalTradeX Broker

However, not everyone knows this and a lot of people think that CrystalTradeX Broker is a safe broker. The stories online prove a lot of differences. For example, one of the users shared that after he was convinced to put $1,000 in our full review of the CrystalTradeX broker and wanted to grow the money in 12 days (with trading advice from his friend), the Bitcoin broker deposited the money and wanted to cash out.

At that point, CrystalTradeX broker did not gave him the option to cash out. The scam platform told him that his license has expired and he needed to deposit a further $1,000 in order to cash out. Unfortunately, the user was scammed and all that the scam CrystalTradeX broker wanted to do was drain more money from him.

This case happened recently (on May 31, 2019) and according to the user – is the best proof that this broker is a scam. If you read our full CrystalTradeX broker review, you probably realized this and saw that there are a lot of signals pointing to the scam nature of this particular broker.

Even though CrystalTradeX broker claims to offer their clients nothing but safety with their trading platform, the reality is very different. The platform, designed to offer a lot of cryptocurrency pairs, is actually a scam and the broker manages to scam people every day. This is why reading brokers reviews is important and why relying on the best crypto reviews sites is a must before even thinking of putting some money.

Make Sure To Check Before You Trade!

Our Scam Broker investigation team has so far reviewed hundreds of brokers to see if they are scam or legit. Our main goal is to build a network that along with users, will help the community see where to trade crypto and where to put their money.

Despite the attractive offers and whatnot else that scam brokers like CrystalTradeX broker are advertising, smart investors need to be even smarter and check our updated list of Scam brokers – as well as our list of the best Bitcoin brokers.