If you have been reading our Bitcoin broker reviews, you probably know that Trade24 broker is one of the online Forex brokers which advertises itself as a popular, reliable and safe broker to invest in.

It also offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile and WebTrader platforms – as well as currency pairs, CFDs, commodities and stocks for personal investment as well as trading options. However, if you decide to dig a little deeper, you may find that the real Trade24  broker review is actually a company that is running a scam

This can be easily spotted if you decide to check some of the latest updates regarding this broker and its legitimacy online as a broker. As we can see from many forex fraud and crypto fraud sites, the broker is currently seeking CySEC regulation and once they receive it, there will be an official update on our site.

What We Know About Trade24 Broker By Now

The latest updates about the Trade24 broker show that the UK FCA has issued an unauthorized firm warning against the company. The French AMF has also issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers – and this broker is in the list.

The Belize IFSC has also declared that the license displayed on the Trade24 broker website is a forgery. Based on this proven forgery along with the current guilty vote, this regulator sees no choice but to consider this broker as a scam. The Scam label can always be lifted if the broker apologizes for the forgery or resolves its issues with the clients – and obviously, registers with a major regulator.

It is good to see that Trade24 broker has been working to make amends since then and build back their reputation. However, the company is known as a scam broker and should go a long way towards seeing the CySEC regulation happening.

This Broker (Trade 24) Is A Scam – They Should Try Harder!

In the meantime, all that you can do is keep following our forex brokers reviews and posting comments, complaints and past experiences with brokers such as Trade24 broker. We will do our best to encourage open communication between this broker and our visitors.

The Trade24 scam website claims that the broker was established in 2007 in Switzerland and has offices in Zurich, London and Paris. Even though the site claimed this, the Trade 24 broker is registered in the Marshall Islands and soon uploaded a license from IFSC – found to be a fake one as we listed above.